About me and travels

I am a 33-year-old communications and culture professional and a passionate traveller. I really enjoy words being placed in an insigthful and imaginative way, meaningful discussions, dancing, running fast and quality coffee and journalism.

I believe in being active. You increase the chances of encountering interesting people and possibilities worth considering. And what will follow just might be amazing. Being active also creates energy and I love to feel full of energy. From each experience – be it arranging a cocktail party in Seoul or preparing a traditional Icelandic fish soup for 60 people – I have learned something. And laughed.

I am delighted by kindness, clarity of thought, the ability to tell a good story and to see and create beauty. And joy is something I really treasure.

I love to travel and the tingling feeling when you are in a new city or place and head out to discover what is behind the next corner. Each day holds the possibility of a new adventure. I have travelled the world, taught English in a Spanish family in Madrid and Cádiz, circled the Ring Road in Iceland, helped keep the surroundings of magnificient waterfalls clean and rehearsed the steps of Viennese walz in a park in Berlin. Felt overwhelmingly happy and inspired in so many spots and occasions around the world. And learned that, as they say in Iceland, þetta reddast, it will work out.

To me travelling is an investment to having a richer life. And it’s about learning, inspiration, challenging myself and keeping an open mind. I want to stay curious. And I want to see a lot more.

This blog is a mixture of me, my travels, epiphanies and photography. I want to share my travel stories, discoveries, inspiration and tips. Welcome!