Travels and training


Keep a holiday from work, not the workout, says an ad at my gym. I agree with that. I like to train while travelling and on holiday because I enjoy working out. To me it’s about feeling good, not just in the everyday life but every day.

A workout gives a nice shot of energy into the mornings. Of course while on holiday you end up walking many many kilometres each day. But still I think it’s nice to kick start the day with some endorphins.

The first picture is from the top terrace of our hotel in Vigo, Spain, and the hotel gym was on the same floor. A gym with a view. And often also a private gym: I’ve had training solitude for example in New York, Boston and Hong Kong.


IMG_4826   IMG_4876
I prefer to have a gym at the hotel we’re staying in. A few tips: if you are very set on doing your workout at the hotel gym, I suggest checking from the hotel for example by email that the gym does in fact exist and that it is open for use (despite that it’s listed in the hotel services). This comes from having heard a few times for example: “oh, no, we don’t have a gym”, “ok, but is small, like r e a l l y small” and “oh, yes, but it’s closed today, the whole day”. And you get over it, but if you wanna be sure, check. Also, it’s good to have a repertoire of movements, because the gym might equal an exercise mat and a few dumbbells. And, if you can’t find a hotel with a gym, in many places you can get quite a good offer to a local fitness club for example for a week. And then you can go as many times as you like: none, one or seven.

And no, must be said, I don’t work out every day and I don’t head towards the hotel gym if I’d rather pamper myself with a bit more of sleep, a novel and having chocolates for breakfast in bed. But still, a little compact workout above the roof tops can be one ingredient in a wonderful holiday. And it gives a nice balance to the essential and many culinaristic and winefilled pleasures of the trip.

And, one more thing, of course there are countless possibilities to train while travelling, the hotel gym being one of them. One noteworthy option is to pack an excercise rubber band and to do an effective workout in the hotel room. I’ve also ran in the sports field with the students in Seoul and Shanghai and swam with the grandmas at the local pool in Tokyo. And then you can also go all sports holiday and try a yoga retreat, a trekking trip or a crossfit camp. When I shall, I’ll report back!