This January light

I love this light right now. It’s bright, beautiful, pure and slightly magical. There’s something eternal in it. It’s cold outside at the moment and when I take a deep breath of the cold and brisk air it feels like my brains can breathe and new ideas can spring.

January is the time for many of making big promises for the new year. I didn’t make that many really. More like I promised that I’ll try to do my own best when it comes to certain things, like exercising. I’ll go when I can and when I want to. And I believe I’ll want to because of how it makes me feel. I fully endorse the saying that sweat is the gift of the body to the soul.

I did set certain goals for the upcoming year. I’ll try to travel when I can and here I’ll definitely count both big and small trips and adventures. Bookings haven’t been done yet but on the travel wish list are for example doing part of the Archipelago Trail by bike, a road trip to new terrains in Europe and popping in Berlin and Mänttä. Besides travelling I’ll run, by the sea and a marathon in the fall, if all goes well. It will/would be my seventh but crossing the finishing line is never certain and one must be humble before the distance. Or at least I have to be.  And starting ice swimming and trying sailing are on the wish/plan list as well. I wish you’ll have a year filled with magical light.


Solutions sports – about running

I planned to write about travels and training. And I will, soon. But today I felt like saying a few words about running.

I realized that running is my solutions sport. While running I get some of my best thoughts and more importantly find solutions and answers to things that might have been puzzling me during the day. And most importantly, I feel pure happiness. I end up smiling to baby bunnies, seagulls and swallows chasing each other.

I claim or believe that after 15 kilometers you see things more clearly. The bundle of the day unravels. You feel powerful but light at the same time. Though I must add the trick for me is to run outside and if possible by the water.

To me in running the monotony becomes meditation. I run in all kinds of weather and in all kinds of states of mind. An evening run can make a good day perfect and a tough day good again.

Nowadays it feels like almost every second person runs. And writes about it. I haven’t read that many books about the subject, excluding Murakami’s depiction and Maaninkavaara by Miika Nousiainen. I just run.

There was a time I ran a bit too much. And a time I couldn’t run. And so now that I’m able to I kind of want to rejoice every sprint and leap. Because I can.

I guess it can easily start sounding a bit corny, the talk about the bliss of running. I realize the danger but I want to write a bit about it anyway. Because I’ve ran for 12 years, started from a few kilometres and went up to 42 and during this way I’ve found a passion and countless solutions. Plus seen the baby bunnies.

A few pictures from along the routes.




And, one motivation line I like is Nike’s Just do it. Living up to it or at least feeling it in Oslo on a Sunday in September last fall, after the 42 k of Saturday.