Oviedo and fountains with tinted water

Water tinted blue. But why? Me marvelled at this at the beginning of our city walk in Oviedo. Then we learned it was in support of the football club Real Oviedo, who play in blue shirts. Earlier in Bilbao we saw the red and white flags and banners of Athletic Bilbao almost everywhere, decorating balconies, shop windows, lamp posts and clothes.

Oviedo is a good package. The park Campo de San Fransisco is a very nice place to start the day stroll. We admired the colorful buildings and balconies decorated with flowers in the old quarter, walked through the lovely Plaza Trascorrales and the Plaza del Fontan and stopped for a coffee and a glass of Verdejo in one of the many restaurants of the casco antiguo. After a little pick-me-up we headed to take a look at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, quite a different and odd looking piece of architecture.

When visiting Asturias, try also the traditional sidra, the cider, poured from a height.

And then a hotel recommendation! And this is of a hotel we didn’t actually stay in but which is both a sight and a perfect place for a serene evening wine moment or a tranquil morning coffee. The hotel is the luxurious baroque style Hotel de la Reconquista. It was originally built as a hospital. It is gorgeous. On the facade the most notable element is the big coat of arms. The interior is decorated for example with satin curtains, wall rugs and old decorated wooden benches. At the interior patio you can then enjoy the afternoon cocktails.








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