Berlin: Zooming in and Zooming out



Berlin. Berlin is rugged, boheme, charismatic, stylish in an original way and on your skin.

Berlin is long relaxed breakfasts that last until way over noon, inner courts with second hand shops that turn into coffee shops, the odour of cherry blossoms and biking along the runway at the Templehof airport that is no longer in use. A delicious meaty lunch at the Markthalle Neun on Eisenbahnstraße and a glass of cold sparkling Riesling. The glossy shop windows and luxury brands on Kurfürsterdamn and the crowd at the very popular Mauerpark flea market in Prenzlauer Berg on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Berlin is countless layers and spots of recent history, that challenge you to look back, recollect and not forget.

And what’s best, is that it’s near.  A plane ride of an hour and forty minutes and the bus TXL to the centre.

I did my Erasmus in Berlin. The city, it’s streets, graffiti, weingartens and vibes will always  have a special soft spot in my heart. The pictures are from last weekend, almost ten years after the-semester-of-my-life Erasmus and I felt that tingling Berlin feeling again. More tips will follow.


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