Vibes of Bangkok and Koh Samet


We got back from Thailand last week. We spent five days in Bangkok and three on the Island of Koh Samet. Exciting, vibrant, sunny, hot and unforgettable are the first words that come to my mind. I’ll soon share tips from both destinations but first some vibes and moods.

Bangkok. Carts selling seafood (from huge tiger prawns to juicy octopus), deep fried chicken, fresh mango with sticky rice and roasted insects. At the lively Chatuchak market there are so many booths and stalls selling almost anything you could think of from art to flowers and pets.

The elaborate golden decorations in the many temples and the altars by many buildings with candles, insence, fruit and flowers. It also became clear why there was a museum of textiles right by the entrance of the Grand Palace (reason to be revealed in upcoming post).

Cocktails with style above the rooftops on the top of Bangkok at the Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Tree hotel.  And a quality afternoon tea  in Siam. And again back to the lively bustle of the streets: the tuktuks, motorcycles, taxis and vendors.


And then Koh Samet. The colourful wooden Big Boats that took us there. The string of white sandy beaches: one, and another and another. The pink and green pennons decorated with golden writing hanging from the trees. The mosquito net on top of the bed (luckily, as we found out). The sweetly burning sensation created by the chili in the delicious and addictive Tom Yam soup. Having cocktails on the beach during the low tide and watching the stars. And suddenly fireworks start.


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