Charismatic off-season Nagu

One of the most anticipated home country travel plans for the autumn was a weekend getaway to a cottage in Nagu. Before the long weekend was confirmed I looked at flights to for example Vilnius and Prague, but still at the time I was most excited about Nagu. And it came true.

There’s something very captivating in the archipelago. The magic of that Friday evening was intensified in the mysterious fog that hovered above the fields after we left the ferry from Pargas. The air was crisp and brisk and the scene dark green before the darker shades came down.

Definite highlights of the cottage weekend included morning swims in the refreshing sea and the tingly feeling of being very much alive afterwards, long moments spent staring at the log-fire and in the eyes of another person, a tranquil breakfast with a sea view and the serene sense of calm.


The gourmet mastery of the weekend was a Bouillabaisse, prepared with time and love. And time. Yeah, a tip from one amateur chef to another is that if you want to enjoy the soup before midnight it can be a good idea to start before ten in the evening. I recall that there’s a saying that goes something like people tend to overestimate what they can do in one day and underestimate what they can do in a lifetime. Well, at least on holidays the first might apply occasionally to me. But the post-midnight fish soup was delicious and rich (here you can find the recipe in Finnish).

I was surprised that although we were in Nagu in late September the ferry went every fifteen minutes still on a Friday evening and that on Saturday afternoon some of the cabins selling brand clothes on the strand boulevard were still open. We did our bike trip with money for a cappuccino in our pockets but there would have been the chance to get for example an autumn cape made of alpaca fur 50 percent off.

What hit me in the woods when we were searching for chanterelles was berry mania. I don’t think I’ve eaten that many blueberries at once in twenty years (the frantic berry picking continued after taking the photo).



Nagu makes you happy. Makes me happy. And serene. It’s the archipelago effect. Till next time!

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