A tip for tomorrow (Sun, 13.9.)

“At least you can’t say you didn’t know.

That sentence stood by the pictures of Niklas Meltio, a photojournalist from Helsinki, at the photo exhibition Next Generation: Young Eyes of Photojournalism at the Cable Factory in Helsinki (in the space Valssaamo). My tip for Sunday, September 13, is that go and see the exhibition. Tomorrow is the last day of the six-day show and hence the last chance.  It’s free entry.

The exhibition displays photographs from ten young photojournalists. The topics range from the attire of a tribe in Namibia to gay rodeo in America and to children with a rare disease. The pictures that had the strongest effect on me were the pictures by Maija Tammi of used radiation therapy masks and the series by Kaisu Jouppi of women who had suffered a stillbirth.

20150911_174542Photographs of gay rodeo by Karoliina Paatos at the Next Generation exhibition.

I want to see good photo exhibitions because they show and convey new and different ways to see the world and teach me something new. When leaving the Cable Factory yesterday I felt touched, taken (goose bumps in fact) of the talent, slightly anxious of the different hazards of this world and that I had learned something.

My tip, go.

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