Solutions sports – about running

I planned to write about travels and training. And I will, soon. But today I felt like saying a few words about running.

I realized that running is my solutions sport. While running I get some of my best thoughts and more importantly find solutions and answers to things that might have been puzzling me during the day. And most importantly, I feel pure happiness. I end up smiling to baby bunnies, seagulls and swallows chasing each other.

I claim or believe that after 15 kilometers you see things more clearly. The bundle of the day unravels. You feel powerful but light at the same time. Though I must add the trick for me is to run outside and if possible by the water.

To me in running the monotony becomes meditation. I run in all kinds of weather and in all kinds of states of mind. An evening run can make a good day perfect and a tough day good again.

Nowadays it feels like almost every second person runs. And writes about it. I haven’t read that many books about the subject, excluding Murakami’s depiction and Maaninkavaara by Miika Nousiainen. I just run.

There was a time I ran a bit too much. And a time I couldn’t run. And so now that I’m able to I kind of want to rejoice every sprint and leap. Because I can.

I guess it can easily start sounding a bit corny, the talk about the bliss of running. I realize the danger but I want to write a bit about it anyway. Because I’ve ran for 12 years, started from a few kilometres and went up to 42 and during this way I’ve found a passion and countless solutions. Plus seen the baby bunnies.

A few pictures from along the routes.




And, one motivation line I like is Nike’s Just do it. Living up to it or at least feeling it in Oslo on a Sunday in September last fall, after the 42 k of Saturday.


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