Pulpo and a maze in Cudillero

For some reason I insist on thinking that cudillero means purse. It doesn’t, purse is bolsa or monedero in Spanish. I guess it will take some time to sink in. It’s just that it would be so apt, the town Cudillero is small, withholds nice things and is a precious place to visit. Oh well.

Cudillero is a charming fishing village on the Asturian coast. As so many towns and villages there it is backed by hills and cliffs and the small port is in the centre – of everything. One peculiarity is that you can climb up the sides of the village using the many narrow staircases that pass right by people’s back doors. It’s like a little maze in the middle of colourful houses and villas.

The mood is relaxed. After a walk by the harbour the seafood treats of the fish restaurants were calling for me and there was absolutely no point  in resisting that call. In fact the food in Spain was so good that I was almost already missing it while we were still there. Try the pulpo in its own ink. Delicioso. Restaurante Isabel is the name of the place where we had lunch.

And some pictures of the purse town.



Katri in Cudillero






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